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What is Conservation Framing?

When should you think about Conservation Framing?


What is conservation glass?

Conservation framing employs the use of the highest quality materials that have been proven to protect and maintain art in as close to its original condition as possible.


This technique is used when you have a piece that has sentimental value to you or can be saved as a future investment. We recommend Conservation or museum glass for all art works.



Conservation glass will protect your framed art from the most damaging UV light rays. However, care should be given to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, fluorescent light, high heat, or humidity. Even though standard glass cleaner can be used on any Tru Vue glass product, we always recommend using an ammonia-free cleaner. (If your framing job was done prior to 1990, conservation glass was not available.)


How does one know it is time to change or clean the mat inside the frame?

How does one prevent mold from growing inside the frame?


What can we frame?

When the bevel of the mat changes to yellow or brown, it shows that the mat is not pure and has acid in it. Your best bet is to change the mat to an acid-free quality mat. High temperatures and humidity levels can accelerate the growth of mold inside the frame. Mold is often seen as a ghostly image on the glazing material or dark powder on the mat.

Artwork should be spaced from the glazing materials. This provides an air space to prevent the condensation of moisture onto the paper and allows for the atmosphere inside the frame to adjust for increased levels of moisture in the air. Spacing is achieved by the use of a mat or space between the glazing and the artwork. Sudden changes of temperature and humidity should be avoided as heavy condensation may wet and damage the artwork. Foxing is red or brown spots that appear on the surface of the paper. While the exact cause of foxing is not totally understood, it appears to accelerate under high temperature and humidity conditions.

At Preservation & Framing Services we can frame: Certificates, Photographs, Prints, Posters, Clothing, Sports Jerseys, Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Acrylics, Tapestry, Cross Stitch, Needlework, Medals, Stamps, Coins, Fans, Baby Items, Dried Flowers, all types of Memorabilia.

What is Preservation?

What is Art Restoration?

Do you restore Photographs?


Art Preservation prevents damage to original artwork on paper from aging and contamination.

Art Restoration involves the cleaning, repairing, or reconstruction of art work.


Yes, we do offer photo restoration at this time.

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