Brighten Up Your Home With DIY Fall/Holiday Projects

Brighten Up Your Home With DIY Fall/Holiday Projects

Looking for an easy way to decorate your house for fall and the holidays? We know the holidays can be stressful… to say the least. As a way to relieve some of that stress, we tried a couple DIY projects that are easy, affordable, and can utilize the whole family. Use things that are already lying around the house to make your holiday decor, as well as re-utilizing some of those old frames laying around! Try making a chalkboard frame to pass along a message during the fall/holiday season!

Follow these easy step by step instructions to get this beautiful chalkboard frame!

What you’ll need:

  • Old ready made frame (if you have a frame with a broken glass or one you’re not using anymore, they work perfectly!)

  • Fake flowers (we grabbed ours from AC Moore. Michaels also has great options and so does the dollar store!)

  • Hot glue gun (any size works perfectly)

  • Pliers

  • Chalkboard paint

  • Paint brush

  • Chalk

  • Weights (can be anything to put pressure on the flowers while they dry)

  • Cardboard/ Foam Board - if there isnt one in your frame already

  • Scissors


  1. If you had to buy and cut the cardboard/ foam board measure or trace the inside of the frame on the board, then cute it out with the scissors.

  2. Use chalkboard paint to paint the card board/foam board used in ready made frames (or the one you just cut out!). Paint the board first to allow it time to dry while working on the frame.

  3. If your old frame needs any extra attention, paint or spray paint it for a brand new look.

  4. Remove the fake flower buds and leafs off their stems and use pliers to remove any extra  attachments.

  5. Using a hot glue gun, attach flower buds, leaves, and anything else you would like around the edges of the frame.

  6. Use weights, or any heavy object to hold down the flowers until the glue has fully dried.

  7. Once everything has dried, attached the frame to the board and close the clasps on the back.

  8. Write a message on the board using chalk!

Voila! You’re done!

Check out our quick video of our complete project!

We’d love to see if you gave this a try! Leave your comments and pictures below!

Tenleytown - Art All Night

A Night Out in DC - Tenleytown

Tenleytown - Art All Night

Celebrating 20 Years in Tenleytown

After being a part of Tenleytown for over 20 years, we are so excited to be a part of this incredible event!

Art All Night is a festival that takes place in six DC Main Street neighborhoods. Its a beautiful combination of visual and performing arts, including painting, photography, sculpture, crafts, fashion, music, dance, theater, film, and poetry. The festival is indoor and outdoor utalizing both public and private spaces, including businesses (like us!).

The event starts at 7:00pm and goes until 3:00am!

Since this is our first year, we want to hear about your past experiences! In the comments below, let us know if you’ve been before and what you though!

If you would like more information regarding Art All Night please visit the link below.